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Community Health Workers Hub

About the CHW Hub

Welcome to the Community Health Workers Hub!

You are a trusted resource in your local community. As a Community Health Worker (CHW), you’re guiding individuals on basic and sometimes difficult health decisions. And it’s not easy. The science and facts can get overwhelming and often confusing. Beliefs and behaviors take time to accept and change. Past personal or family health experiences can also impact health care actions.

That’s why we created the CHW Hub: to provide you with the latest information for conversations with community members to reduce vaccine hesitancy.

As you are preparing to be in your communities, the CHW Hub will provide you with the best practices and strategies for increasing vaccinations in your assigned areas.

Stay updated on COVID-19 guidance by visiting the My Vaccine Counts website regularly and reading our monthly newsletter. We also invite you to network with other Community-Based Organizations involved in the My Vaccine Counts campaign to share success stories and resources, as well as problem-solve barriers to get communities vaccinated.

If you have any questions, technical assistance or needs to implement strategies on the ground, fill out this form and one of our specialists will be in touch. We want to hear from you!