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About the Project

The COVID-19 Community Health Worker (CHW) Initiative aims to address persistent health disparities and vaccine hesitancy in Pennsylvania and Delaware by offering support and resources to vulnerable and under-resourced communities, and to newly identified individuals eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

PHMC’s model identifies, engages, trains, and supports CHWs from communities across Pennsylvania and Delaware to help connect them with individuals in underserved communities to achieve better health outcomes. Through this one-on-one connection, our collective goals are to provide individuals and families access to general health resources, answer health questions and encourage COVID-19 vaccination.

Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC) is partnering with non-profit and community-based organizations to serve as the supervisor and employer of record for the COVID-19 CHW Project.

This project will deploy a strategic marketing and communications plan to address vaccine hesitancy by educating communities on the facts and overcoming myths about the COVID-19 vaccines. This will involve materials for CHWs, including this website, vaccination toolkit, trainings, booklets and giveaways for in-person vaccination events and meetings.