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Community Health Workers Hub

Become A Community Health Worker

A Community Health Worker (CHW) represents the community they serve, whether defined by geography, sociodemographic indicators (e.g., race, ethnicity, income level), or shared life experiences. They work to connect with individuals to build better health outcomes. These connections, built overtime, create a unique trust that helps individuals feel comfortable addressing their unique health situations with doctors or health care providers. CHWs also provide connections to local resources that an individual can access to meet their unique health or wellness needs.

If you are already connected to the community you serve, this is a great start to consider the CHW certification program in Pennsylvania and Delaware. These trainings help you to gain core competencies needed for work in community-based care.

For this project, you will also be trained on COVID-19-related topics to influence vaccine confidence and connect individuals to vaccine services. CHWs may assist individuals in:

  • Conducting virtual and face-to-face outreach
  • Providing culturally appropriate education about the available vaccines
  • Providing up-to-date information about convenient vaccine locations
  • Assisting with scheduling convenient appointments
  • Providing arrangements to address barriers to receiving the vaccines, such as transportation to a vaccination site
  • Identifying childcare options and other resources