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COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Individuals Living in Rural Communities

Everyone ages six months and older should receive the COVID-19 vaccine, and boosters are available for everyone ages 5 years and older, regardless of where they live. It’s especially important if you are living in rural counties. The COVID-19 death rate in rural counties is 1.3 times higher than urban counties. In Pennsylvania, 9 out of 10 counties with the lowest COVID-19 vaccination rates are rural.

People in rural communities tend to be older, uninsured or have underlying medical conditions placing them at higher risk of COVID-19 outcomes. Lack of access to medical facilities, urgent care or hospitals is also a contributor, as people tend to live future away to them compared to people living in urban communities.

You should check with your local pharmacy or doctor’s office if they offer the vaccines and can address any questions related to them or COVID-19. Local communities may also have community health workers or navigators who live in the community and are available as trusted resources to speak with you about any health issues, including COVID-19 and the vaccines.

If you need transportation to a vaccine site, contact your local community center, church or pharmacy to ask if there are any services offered in your community.

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