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Strategies to Increase Vaccinations

Our campaign, My Vaccine Counts, is an initiative driven by the Community Health Worker (CHW) as the trusted messenger to effect change toward vaccine confidence. Below is a list of strategies for outreach and community engagement. You can translate them to meet the unique needs of your community members with the goal of overcoming COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy.

  • Start by understanding the barriers and motivators of your community toward the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Establish a relationship with your nearest community health center. Gather a list of the nearest pharmacies and health care providers.
  • Determine congregate settings in your community where vaccine confidence messages can be better received.
  • See how you can use your existing relationships with community leaders or elected representatives.

Organizing Community Events

The National Nurse-Led Consortium (NNCC) has compiled useful tips on how to organize a community event. Here are two additional sources on community considerations for planning a vaccination clinic and enhancing vaccine uptake.

School-Based Outreach

Schools are a great central point to involve families in getting vaccinated and boosted. Below are examples that have worked in Pennsylvania:

  • Determine whether the nearest school district has an established relationship with a health care system for vaccines and testing.
  • All vaccine education and outreach should start with the school principal or the school nurse. You can send an email to the nearest school principals to gauge their interest in vaccine confidence efforts, a vaccine event, educational materials, or any other kinds of support. Some schools may have a health center and could be open to support for spreading the word.
    • Depending on the response, you can partner with a local COVID-19 vaccine provider. We can help you to identify providers in your area.
    • You can also promote COVID-19 vaccine events, health fairs, and other screenings needed for children like physicals and flu vaccines.
  • Do you need support for an event or require additional assistance? Please contact our team by completing the CHW Inquiry Form.
  • Help the school administration work with the COVID-19 vaccine provider on the date, timing and logistics of the event.
  • Provide this parent toolkit for school principals to send out to parents in advance on the basics of the vaccine.
  • Here are CDC guidelines on what to look for to plan a school event.

Faith-Based Outreach Activities

We have seen that partnerships with faith-based organizations and leaders in the community have resulted in increased vaccine confidence. Below is a collection of resources that can help you work with faith leaders and their congregations.

This organization is a central hub for resources provided by and for religious communities and leaders to support the COVID-19 response. A variety of resources can be found, including infection control, congregational care, community support, specialized ministries, and other topics.

Spearheaded by a partnership of over 60 entities and organizations, the All Faiths Vaccination Campaign (AFVC) seeks to achieve vaccination equity in underserved neighborhoods in Philadelphia and its collar communities.

This resource offers guidance and planning tools to community and faith-based organizations to ensure safety protocols are met while making decisions, communicating with communities, and protecting their workers.

Support for Outreach Activities

As a part of the My Vaccine Counts initiative, the National Nurse-Led Consortium (NNCC) will be providing technical assistance and support to Community Health Workers. We want to hear from you! Please contact our team by completing the CHW Inquiry Form.

CHW Training Program

Attend a training session from the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium’s (NNCC) CHW Certification Training Program, FREE OF CHARGE.

If you have any questions, please contact our team by completing the CHW Inquiry Form.

Marketing and Communications Support

Do you need marketing and communications support for an event or require vaccine confidence materials? Please contact our team by completing the CHW Inquiry Form.